Marc S. Balban, Patent Agent

Markc Balban, is a Registered Patent Agent to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. As a Patent Agent Mr. Balban has acquired substantial experience in preparation and prosecution of patent applications in varied technologies and sciences including computer and database systems, communication systems and devices, automotive systems and components, consumer devices and applications, materials, manufacturing and compliance systems, business methods and financial services. Mr. Balban has also served as a Patent Examiner at the USPTO, where his area of expertise involved cellular transmission systems, location based services, E911, billing and airtime systems, air to ground/ground to air communication, mobile phone features and construction, and antennas.

Mr. Balban has over ten years of progressive and varied responsibilities in design, manufacturing and management of new product introduction with leaders in the Communications industry, primarily with Motorola, where he was responsible for designing and implementing components and features incorporated in mobile network systems. Mr. Balban was also responsible for support activities of production of printed circuit boards and conductive bonded assemblies, primarily employed in customer microwave and cellular transmission systems. Mr. Balban also was involved in the introduction of products for cellular transmission systems employing RF, analog and TDMA/CDMA/PCS/GSM digital technologies.