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Patent Law

Whether you have spent months engineering a product or were suddenly inspired with a great idea, the first step to realizing the potential of your invention is to protect your intellectual property. Let our expert patent attorneys help. In Phoenix and Las Vegas help you.

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Trademark Law

Our trademark attorneys in Las Vegas and Phoenix handle all stages of the trademark process from performing a trademark search to preparing a trademark application and from drafting a trademark license to handling trademark litigation.

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Immigration Law

Our Arizona immigration attorneys immigrant work visas such as H-1B, professional worker category, L-1A intracompany executives and managers, R-1 religious workers and more.

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Copyright Law

In the digital age we live in, your IP and creative works can now be easily copied and distributed throughout the world. As a result, there is a greater need today than ever before to protect your creative works by federally registering your copyright.
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Corporate Law

We offer comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses such as setting up corporations and LLCs in Arizona, Nevada, and Florida. In addition, we provide expert guidance in mergers, asset and stock sales, corporate governance (minutes and meetings), contract drafting and review, and the creation and assessment of lease and licensing agreements.
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Litigation Law

The intellectual property attorneys at Weiss & Moy, P.C. not only help our clients obtain patents, trademarks and copyrights, we also help you enforce your rights with an active intellectual property litigation practice.
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A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.

Our Law Firm Offices are conveniently located throughout the country in Arizona, Nevada, & Florida. We are attorneys who are licensed to practice in multiple state and federal courts throughout the United States, we provide our clients with the same level of sophistication offered by larger firms but without the accompanying high fees.

IP Law Attorneys from Las Vegas to Phoenix

We offer a plethora of legal services ranging from intellectual property advice, prosecution, registration, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, corporate and personal immigration. Contact us for a non-obligation consultation today.

Harry Weiss

Founder + Patent Attorney

Jeffrey D. Moy

Patent Lawyer + Electrical Engineer

Farley I. Weiss

Copyright + Trademark Lawyer

Client Testimonials

We’ve helped clients large and small protect their brands and IP, fix
their immigration issues and handle their contracts and litigation.

Clients we’ve worked with include Boeing® Honda®, Author Suzanne collins and many others.

“Mark H Weiss has handle several matters involving various aspects of highly complex projects, and I’ve been extremely pleased with the results achieved.”


“I came in with a million questions and came out with a million answers. Jessica Weiss was able to provide all the information and documentation needed to make my Immigration clean and simple.”


“I am a small business owner. Mark Weiss registered my trademark and when it was opposed, worked diligently, expertly and affordably to defend my trademark – ultimately prevailing. I especially enjoy working with Mark, he is bright, savvy beyond his years and is as invested in his clients as they are in their intellectual property.”


“Mark Weiss is an excellent lawyer and my family and I recommend him to anyone who may be struggling to sort out their intellectual property in the USA.”


“I highly recommend Jessica Weiss. Jessica did a great job on my case and I am very grateful for all of her hard work. If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer, look no further.”


“Mark Weiss was able to help me set up an effective strategy for protecting my designs and inventions, providing invaluable advice as to the best way to protect my business inventions, relative to my budget, and suggest effective courses of action when others have encroached on my inventions. His ability to effectively relay the overall.”



Frequently Asked Questions

IP law related questions clients have asked us.
Why obtain a US Patent?
Without a valid U.S. Patent, anyone may make, use or sell another’s invention at will and without compensation to the
original inventor.
Weiss & Moy Attorneys
How long does trademark protection last?
After a trademark is federally registered, it must be renewed between the fifth and sixth year, between the ninth and tenth year, and then every 10 years thereafter in order to maintain it. Unlike patents and copyrights, which grant protection for a finite period of time, trademark protection can last forever as long as the owner continues to use and renew it every 10 years.
farley-weiss,Weiss & Moy Attorneys
Why obtain a federally registered copyright?
Without registering your copyright you cannot sue anyone for copyright infringement. Moreover, if you wait until someone else infringes before registering, you will typically not be able to obtain statutory damages.
farley-weiss, Weiss & Moy Attorneys
How long do corporations and LLC’s last?
Corporations and LLC’s, while solvent, can last forever. For an Arizona corporation, an annual report fee must be paid. To maintain your Nevada corporation, an annual list of officers and directors must be submitted with the associated fee. Nevada also requires an annual list of members and managers for a Nevada LLC.
mark-weiss, Weiss & Moy Attorneys
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